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How does an SIP work ?

Monthly Investment

Every month a specified amount is auto debited from investor’s account & invested in selected mutual fund scheme

Unit Allotment

Every time you invest, units in the fund scheme are allotted, based on the NAV of the scheme.

Redeem or Switch

You can redeem or switch units partially or fully, anytime as you wish.

Exit Load

Each SIP instalment is considered as a new investment and is subject to applicable exit loads if redeemed within the predefined time.

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Your dream of traveling across the world can be fulfilled if you start investing early. Invest part of your salary every month through systematic investment plan. Make your retirement Happening!

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We all love our children, we all are worried about whether we will be able to fulfill their dreams or not. but are we investing enough on their future needs?. Invest today and secure their future...

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Benefits of SIP

  • Benefits of SIP
  • SIP Do's
  • SIP Don’ts
  • Helps in averaging out the cost of purchase by Buying more units in a declining market and less when markets are rising
  • SIPs instil discipline with regular and systematic investing which makes financial goals achievable.
  • In a volatile market where nobody is able to catch the top & bottom, regular investing through SIP eliminates the need to time the market
  • SIPs make investing affordable as SIPs start at as low as Rs 1000 a month.
  • Flexible as you can change the SIP amount & tenure whenever you want. You can stop & pause your SIPs and also you have the flexibility to increase the SIP amount automatically each passing year.
  • Give enough time for your money to grow
  • To build wealth, do have a long term investment time horizon while investing in SIP
  • Align your SIP investments with your financial goals. Identify your goal - How to go from ‘where you are’ to ‘where you wish to be’.
  • Calculate the amount required to invest in order to achieve various financial goals & Align your SIP investments with your financial goals.
  • Use Step up SIP feature to automatically increase your SIP contributions as your income increase
  • Periodically check the progress made by your SIP investment towards your financial goals
  • Don’t stop your SIPs when markets are falling, instead make additional purchase to average out the cost of purchase.
  • Don't try to time the markets by stopping SIP for a temporary period and restarting again, instead use the pause feature.
  • Don’t switch to another fund just because the short term performance of the fund is low compared to its peers.

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